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Review:  NY TIMES, Charles Hagen, June 9, 1995
"surprising intimacy" "transparent style" "seemingly effortless grace" "evocative" "riveting cross-section of a rural American community in the years around World War II" "Sitters reveal themselves with an innocence and trust"

Review:  NEW YORKER, May 10, 1993
"The Michael Disfarmer pictures of young women in Arkansas in the nineteen-thirties are spellbinding, in part because they are so immaculately free of glamour."

Review:  AMERICAN PHOTOGRAPHER, Owen Edwards, August, 1982
"Like it or not, one of the wonders of the medium is the alarming power of photographs to take on a life of their own, to leap far beyond mundane purposes or to scuttle the most grandiose intentions.

"I doubt that there has ever been a better personification of this unpredictable and exhilarating power -- in America, at least -- than Mike Disfarmer ...."

"a work of artistic genius" "a classical episode in the history of American photography." "an encounter with art of the rarest kind, encompassing lives simultaneously on the levels of touching intimacy and epic heroism." "beautiful and compelling beyond any reasonable expectation."

"Disfarmer was a true genius, an artist for whom the camera consistently performed inexplicable miracles in the manner peculiar to great photographers. However Disfarmer did these pictures, he knew exactly what he was doing.... "

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