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Review:  VILLAGE VOICE, Howard Smith, May 18, 1982
"portraits that are spectacularly profound..." "a visual genius..."

Review:  FORBES, March 1, 1982
"Gimmickless, stark, characterful family photographs that make all voguey name stuff seem utterly pallid in comparison."

Review:  THE PHILADELPHIA PHOTO REVIEW, Stephen Perloff, March, 1978
"Disfarmer: The Heber Springs Portraits is simply one of the best books of recent years."

"...one of the most significant bodies of work in the history of portraiture -- that of Mike Disfarmer."

"His pictures are direct and simple, yet as penetrating as any in the history of photography."

"There is an honesty and a humanity in Disfarmer's portraits that few photographers can every hope to rival."

Review:  ART IN AMERICA, November/December, 1977
"Disfarmer...left a powerful record of his region and times."

Review:  CREATIVE CAMERA, (England) June, 1977
"the work of a photographer whose pictures resemble an Americanised Sander who is working without plan, without project but nevertheless producing striking images of great aesthetic and documentary value."

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