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Review:  LOS ANGELES TIMES, February 6, 1977
"...haunting, uncompromising view of middle America caught in the tumult of World War II." "...Disfarmer's portraits reveal an essential human quality reminiscent of Diane Arbus studies."

Review: THE RANGEFINDER, Jim Stewart, February, 1977
"extraordinary photographs" "a unique compelling record of an undocumented era."

Review:  VILLAGE VOICE, Sean Callahan, January, 1977
"...compelling and comprehensive record of the home front from 1939 to 1946..." "... a microcosm of the nation during hard times."

Review: THE COURIER, New Orleans, Don Lee Keith, Week of January 13 - 19, 1977
"Seldom has a shutter clicked so powerfully."

Review:  NY ARTS JOURNAL, Tara Collins, Spring, 1977
"Technically uncalculated and unselfconscious, these photographs portray with truth and power a time and people who are anonymous to history."

"Great photos from Arkansas"

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